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Ketamine Class $1021 & IV Hydration Regular $1099.

Entire Class Nurse Practitioner Educators.


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Boost Energy 

Reduce Strees

Athletic Recovery 

Replace Vitamin Deficiencies

Supplement Therapy


Boost Metabolism


Injury Repair 

Sytoms Management 

Glowing Hydrated Skin

Athletic Performance 

Boost Immune System

Illness Management


PTSD  (Post-Traumatic Disorder)


OCD (Osessive Compulsive Disorder)

Chronic Pain and Teatment-Resistant Depression.



What is NP Connect

NPs Connect  primarily collaborate with Registered Nurses, estheticians, trichologists, cosmetologists, make- up artists, massage therapists , yoni specialists, herbalist ,and body contouring specialists.  Nurse Practitioners are welcome to book phone consultation to ensure their specific needs are met. 


Classes offered are IV Hydration, Ketamine/NAD, Botox, Advanced Botox & Dermal Fillers, Facial Aesthetics,  and Platelet Enriched Plasma. 

How Much is it?

Monthly charges start at $350 for non-medical professionals and $500 for registered nurses IV Hydration business with options to expand services and locations. This service is available per professional not per partnership.  This service requires Boot Camp which is a class that covers fundamental policies & procedures in format of in person or virtual classroom setting for all participants.  Class is held each Sunday from 0800 to 1200 noon and cost is $500 per professional.

Question 2

Course Completions are required for Boot Camp attendees. Boot Camp topics include regulations, policies, procedures, standard operations manual, osmolarity calculations (IV Hydration only), business licensure, BOP insurance, business structure, malpractice insurance, vendors, and contract details.  A 1 hour zoom call will be scheduled to go over specifics of each participant and/or partnership. 
If course completion is not available, a course must be taken with NPs Connect which is specific to service (s).

Question 5

Book Camp fee is waived for PF Aesthetics & Wellness and My Health Reassurnace students. Enrollment fee is waived for PF Aesthetics & Wellness and My Health Reassurance students for first 30 days.  March 7, 2021 all waived fees will no longer be valid. 

About Us

Dr Kalato Holts FNP-C and Kayona Moreland FNP-C.  Dr Holts is owner of PF Aesthetics & Wellness and Kayona Morlenad is owner of My Health Reassurence..  These Family  Nurse Practitioners started teaching IV Hydration courses separately but due to consistent challenges from students finding collaboration with physicians they teamed up to help overcome their students’ challenges.  This covenant is located in Fayetteville Georgia; however, other states are covered with NPs Connect. Currently, Georgia, New York, Maryland, California and Nevada. 

More About Us

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