PF Aesthetics will upgrade your medical knowledge to compete with the best. You’ll learn in-depth skills through our extensive, informative aesthetics training courses that will provide a return on investment once you implement these trainings into your practice.

What You Receive with Each Class

Each aesthetics medical training course is packed full of value.

  • COVID safety regulations: temperature checks, social distancing, and small class sizes
  • Virtual (remote) or in-office classroom options
  • Intimate group setting that creates an attentive learning environment

  • Affordable trainings competitively priced with no hidden fees
  • Nurse practitioner, Double-board certified, 25 years of expertise.

  • Best practices, pain points, triumphs, and thought processes

  • Hands-on experience learning top aesthetics skills and trade secrets

  • Access to instructor in or out of the classroom + after training completion

  • Certificate of completion to professionally practice what you learned

  • Join your colleagues as our instructor shares her wisdom, personal journey, clinical advice, trade secrets, and hands-on trainings to increase your professional knowledge.

  • Licensed nurse practitioner who is double-board certified in Family and Aesthetics.

  • Learn from our past mistakes along the way

Beginner’s Botox

By the end of this Beginner’s Botox class you’ll be able to determine the best treatment plan, emphasizing your patient’s desires and best aesthetic outcome.

The objectives for the Beginners Botox class are as follows:

  • Product mechanism of action, preparation of product, and product safety

  • Facial anatomy in commonly injected areas

  • Product mixture & storage

  • Understanding medical history of your patient

  • Indications and contraindications

  • Consenting your patient for treatment

  • Step-by-step proper injection technique

  • How to avoid complications and how to treat if they occur

  • Tips and tricks for efficiency + patient satisfaction

  • Importance of before and after photos

  • Documentation

Ready to infuse more value into your medical career? You’re one course away from higher earnings + industry expertise leadership.

Advanced Botox & Dermal Filler

This comprehensive 8hr aesthetic medical training course provides participants with certification for both Botox and injectable dermal fillers. It is nurse-practitioner taught, from start to finish.

The objectives for the Advanced Botox & Dermal Filler class are as follows:
• Includes training on the treatment of glabella, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet with Botox, as well as treatment of lips, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines with Juvéderm® Ultra/Ultra Plus.Also includes cheek volume enhancement with Juvéderm® Voluma.
• Mechanism of action, preparation of product, and product safety
• How to choose “which filler for which area”
• Anatomy of commonly injected areas, including dangerous areas
• Understanding medical history of your patient
• Indications and contraindications
• Determining a plan for best aesthetic results and communicating this to your patient
• Consenting your patient for treatment
• Learn step-by-step injection techniques for each product
• Know signs and symptoms of vascular occlusion and how to treat
• Importance of before and after photos
• Tips and tricks for great patient satisfaction
• Receive a certification of completion and feel prepared to incorporate Botox and Juvéderm® treatments into your practice.

Lunch is provided between morning & afternoon sessions, along with Q&A.

Facial Aesthetics

This Facial Aesthetics class will discuss skin classifications (Fitzpatrick, Burton Scale) and much more. Hands-on experience will allow students to perform HydraFacial, chemical peel, dermaplaning, and/or PRP facial (known as vampire facial).

The learning objectives for the Facial Aesthetics class are as follows:
• HydraFacial
• Dermaplaning
• Microdermabrasion
• Chemical peel
• Exfoliation treatment
• Understanding skin disorders
• Skin structure + physiology
• Procedure options
• Appropriate patient treatment protocols

Platelet Rich Plasma

Our Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) class (aka vampire facials) will discuss various aesthetic indications for treatment, contraindications, patient intake forms, consent forms, before/after photos, and medications. Education will also be given on CBC, including fibrin, fibronectin, vitronectin, and various growth factors.
Aesthetic Indication May Include:
• Facial areas
• Neck area
• Decollete
• Hands

Professional Development Course

Aside from medical training courses, PF Aesthetics also provides a professional development course that will help you take your business from zero to launch.

Business Quick Start – $1,899
Business Quick Start Bundle (includes 2 aesthetics courses) – $3,000

Class Requirements

Please note the technical details.

These aesthetics training classes are for licensed medical personnel only. Office staff or non-medically licensed individuals may join the training sessions for personal knowledge.

Licensure will be verified for all medical professionals attending an aesthetics training course.

Payment (in full) is required 7 days before class begins. We do not offer refunds due to the time and energy it takes to prepare each course.
Certificate of completion will be provided for each class taken.

A survey will be required upon completion as well to determine the experience you had with PF Aesthetics. Surveys help us enhance your experience in the long-run.

These trainings are most beneficial for those in Georgia who can attend in-person sessions. However, remote learning is still valuable.

Let’s Started
Business Quick Start

This class is for new small business owners that are having challenges starting their business. Our instructor learned things the hard way when she first started PF Aesthetics, experiencing challenges that were time consuming and costly.
Let her help you form your new business from beginning to end. Our instructor can help set up med spa, esthetician services, or healthcare organization businesses similar to PF Aesthetic & Wellness.

If you’re not in the healthcare industry, don’t worry! She can help you quick-start your business too.

In this Business Quick Start course, you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of:
• Business formation
• Trademarking
• EIN for taxes
• Business credentialing
• Human resources
• Website design
• Logo creation
• Branding
• Policy procedure
• Standard operation manuals
• Protocols

Class consists of a face-to-face, 1hr meeting which will give you step-by-step instructions on how to start your new business.

There is a follow-up 8hr class in person. Class is performed within 1-2 weeks, depending on if follow up is necessary. A 1hr follow-up class will be the final meeting if there was an initial follow-up.

A simple $50, 30-minute phone call or zoom consultation is the first step.

P.S. Don’t forget to bundle! You’ll save $500 on trainings.

IV Hydration

With our IV Hydration class, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to identify potential patients who would substantially benefit from IV Nutrition Therapies. You’ll also learn all of the below.

The objectives for the IV Hydration class are as follows:
• Learn various commercial IV Nutritional products available, as well as gain a full understanding of the interaction between different supplements that could possibly benefit patients sufferingfrom medical conditions.
• Interpret various patient conditions and symptoms through serum and saliva testing, and safely administer IV Nutritional Therapies
• Safely understand the dosing guidelines & possible contraindications.
• Identify and learn to manage complications associated with the procedure.
• Understand and learn universal guidelines, administrative issues, and FDA oversight consideration associated with the procedure.
• Learn proper techniques, suggested protocols, and knowledge “pearls” in administering IV Hydration.
• Acquire the necessary product information, pricing and packaging strategies, and overall marketing requirements and limitations associated with the procedure.

Topics covered include business formation, introduction to IV therapy, osmolarity, IV compounding, policies/procedures, clinical forms, patient experience, complications, and protocols.